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If you are actively searching for an ancestor you need to visit FamilySearch. If you haven’t been there lately you really haven’t been there. The site has been updated and is quite amazing. One big change is that anyone can now visit the site, register and then view the family pedigrees, contribute names, and view sources, photos, stories and then save what they find that you find to your own computer, or link information to your own family within FamilySearch. FamilySearch is found at https://familysearch.org.

The Features Include:

  • Over a billion records are now available to search. The index is amazingly accurate and a majority of the search results have a digital image attached.
  • The search is available in 10 languages, as records from all over the world have been and continue to be added.
  • New records are being added daily through a massive indexing project.
  • A fan chart can now be created on the site from anyone in your pedigree.
  • You can add, or find your ancestors then locate additional records for them and attach those records to them. You can also add pictures, and stories as well as additional source documentation.
  • Many films from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City Utah have been digitized and are available as browse-able records. While you wait for these films to be indexed you can view them without the need to order them. [Because they are not yet indexed your ancestor won’t appear in a search].
  • There is a massive Research Wiki to help you guide you locate records.
  • Hundreds of Free genealogy classes are available as video or slide presentations. These have been added by FamilySearch, and other partners such as the New England Historical and Genealogical Society, the Mid-Contentment Library and others.
  • There is a section of free digitized books that have many books that were published by family organization.
  • The Library Catalog from the Family History Library is also found there, and if you locate a record or film you need, if it has been digitized you will be given the link to the records.

When you first go to the site there is a tutorial you can take. FamilySearch is easy to navigate and if you find errors in your family pedigree, that others have made, you can correct them.

Check out the home page carefully as it will lead you to the many other treasures that are part of FamilySearch. The FamilySearch Blog indicated yesterday that the number of sources on the site has grown by 74% in the last three weeks.

If you haven’t visited FamilySearch in the last few week You Haven’t Seen FamilySearch.

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