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Yesterday I downloaded a free story telling app called Adobe Voice. This is an ipad app that allows you to tell a short story, narrated in your own voice, with photos that you either add, or download through the application. In less than an hour I had my first short story finished. Now that I have the process down my future stories will take only a few minutes to complete. The app allows you to choose from a variety of  background music and photos which are part of the app, or add your own.  I used one of their photos, and downloaded the others from my dropbox. I then selected a background music that I was comfortable with and talked briefly about each photo. The result was a story in my own voice, to share with my children and grandchildren.

For those of you who have putting of writing your life story, your procrastination has paid off. You can now tell your life story in short easy to create videos, and in a  format that is easily shared with your family. The videos look and sound professional. A copy of the video that I created can be found at http://voice.adobe.com/v/-RuXouWnNAf.

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