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Genealogy Search Engine

If you have ever had a class from me you know I do love Google. I’m especially fond of all the tools that are available with Google. However, over the years the changes in Google have not been as helpful for those researching their family.  Google now will only pull a maximum of two listings from any particular website per page. This means if you don’t find what you want on the first page of search results you may be required to go through lots of pages to obtain the results you need.

Enter the “Genealogy Search Engine”. It is a free search engine that pulls only results that are genealogy related.  It searches over 3 billion historic records located on over 1,000 websites.You will immediately see the difference if you run just a name search in both search engines. While this search engine searches Google, as do all search engines, the results are more focused on genealogical information.

This site is maintained by Genealogy In Time Magazine, and found at genealogyintime.comThe site has many features including a free monthly newsletter. The newsletter posts updated record collections from all over and has unique guides and checklists. One such guide helps you perform online genealogy searches, and the record collections are organized by country and state.This feature led me, last month, to a new free index to Oklahoma Birth and Death Records recently put online by the Oklahoma State Government. You may want to visit Genealogy In Time, to see if there are some helps for you

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