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I don’t mind paying for genealogy records, when I need to. I understand that it costs money to support research and house documents; however, when I can get information free I like that even better. My favorite free genealogy research sites are:

  1. FamilySearch at familysearch.org. This is an amazing website, totally free. If you are 13 years old you can get a sign in and the site adds at least one million digitized records a day. There are two mobile apps that allow you to view and add content to your family tree and to upload photos, documents, and audio files. If you are interested in family history, this is a must visit website.
  2. Find a Grave at findagrave.com. Totally collaborative. People from around the world upload photos of headstones, and post them in virtual cemeteries. Sometimes you will find additional information, such as photographs and obituaries, added to deceased individuals.
  3. Cyndislist at cyndislist.com had been around for a long time. It is one of the best sites for finding records. It is a linking site that will link you to the websites that have the information you are seeking.
  4. BLM Land Patents at glorecords.blm.gov. For those searching in the United States, this is a great place to find out if your ancestors purchased land as they moved west,
  5. Heritage Quest – found at most local libraries and accessed online with your library card number. This site holds free census records, Digital Historic Books, and Revolutionary War Service Records, Immigration Records and City Directories.
  6. Internet Archive at archive.org. This site has over 150 Billion pages of historical records, books, census records, video and audio that can be downloaded.
  7. National Archives at archives.gov. This site houses records, such as census and military,  as well as great helps for genealogists.
  8. Library of Congress hosts a website called American Memory found at memory.loc.gov. It houses Digital Collections, Maps, Historic American Newspapers, and lots more.

There are many more free online websites for genealogist. To find them go to Family Search, the first site listed, and on its ‘Search Tab’ choose the Wiki. Then look for the state or country you want, and among the many other items listed you will find online websites. You don’t need to join FamilySearch or even sign in to use this feature.


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You can now import photos to FamilySearchFor WP.png
from your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

  • Sign in to your Free  FamilySearch account at familysearch.org.
  • Go to the ‘Memories’ tab in the top navigation bar and select the ‘Gallery’ tab.
  • Click on the green ‘+’ icon and choose how you want to add your photo.
  • Select either Instagram or Facebook and you will be taken to your site.
  • Sign in and your photos will appear.
  • Simply chose the photo you want and select ‘Import’.

You will then tag the photo to the appropriate people. While you will be able to see the photos right away, others will not see them until they have been reviewed.

As with other information on FamilySearch only deceased individuals will be able to be viewed by others, but you can still build your albums.You will have better success if you use the Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers.

This photo is of my father Ferron Bliss and his brother Leo Lee at the funeral of their brother Theone Theobald [Bill] Bliss. It was taken in 2002 a year before my father died. Uncle Leo died in February of this year. Thanks to FamilySearch for this easy way to import my Facebook photos.

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Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.39.09 PM.png

When I am researching one of the tools I like to have handy is a Records Selection Table. I have created a table that works well for me but, I have found a generic table that could be very helpful if you aren’t sure what to look for, and where the information might be found. The table has 3 columns which read, in part:

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.37.10 PM.png

This table is found on FamilySearch.org  and is free to look at even if you do not have a free FamilySearch Account. Below the table there are links to various States and Topics. These additional pages will allow you to link to the record pages that you need. If you are researching other than the US you may want to save the table and add your own unique record collections.


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