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Photo Distater 2.jpgAs I watched the recent news showing people evacuating  from fires and floods. I noticed one thing they had in common was that they were grabbing their photo albums, which to me meant they were trying to save their memories and family history. What would you take if you had minutes to evacuate your home, not knowing if it would be standing when you returned? Hopefully, most of us have an evacuation plan, and have gathered our critical papers and put together an emergency kit of some kind. But what about your Family History?

How do you save all those years of pictures, histories, letters and documents that you have collected and that mean a lot to you? Besides natural disasters, there are man made ones, such as computer viruses and backup failures, which can wipe away years of work.

We are fortunate in today’s world to have a variety of ways to save and retrieve information. Pictures and photo albums can be digitized by scanning or photographing with your digital camera. You should also share copies of those really old photos with cousins and websites such as FamilySearch to help insure that other copies are preserved and available.

Documents such as birth, marriage, and death certificates can be treated the same way. You might also consider copying those obituaries and old letters you have tucked away. The same goes for special items you may have, like grandma’s old treadle machine or grandpa’s old horse hair rope. A picture will allow you share the treasure, even if the article is lost.

If your information is stored digitally you can save it on an extra external hard drive or a removable flash drive. If you are using an external drive, it will still be vulnerable to viruses if it is continually attached to your computer, so attach it only when necessary.

  • Make a plan.
  • Copy pictures and documents and save them several different ways in digital format, and on backup drives, or off site in a program such as Dropbox
  • Take pictures of family heirlooms.
  • Make several copies to store at different locations, preferably away from your home.
  • Check your backups occasionally to make sure they are working.
  • Share – what you give comes back to you, sometimes literally.

There are, of course, some commercial web sites that will back up your system for a fee. Whatever you decide and even if you never have a disaster to deal with you will have peace of mind if you take time to make certain you won’t permanently lose your valuable family information.

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