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I found a website that helps us  understand the meaning of the names of English towns. My mother’s Finlinson, Trimble and Lennox came from Thursby in Cumberland England.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 11.36.17 AM.png

I looked up the name Thursby in the “Key to English Place Names “website, and found that Thursby comes from old Norse – “thurs” = pers.n, and refers to a personal name, and ‘by’ is Old Norse meaning farmstead or village. So I looked up a couple of other towns that these families lived in, and  checked  some of the other towns/villages in the area. This search revealed that many of these town names also come from Old Norse, such as Aikton,  Orton, Kirkbride.  and Curthwaite, which was apparently is too small to get its own description, but is also Old Norse.  However, I had to do a bit of extra research to find that information. This helps me understand my 24% Scandinavian DNA. The website, Key to English Place-Names, can be found at http://kepn.nottingham.ac.uk/.


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