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Roots Tech 2021 is going to be virtual and free. If you aren’t familiar with RootsTech, it is the largest Genealogy and Technology Conference there is. In past years you had to go to Salt Lake City, pay for the conference and probably a hotel room, and food. BTW it is usually cold in Salt Lake City in February. This year all classes, speakers, and vendors will be free and online from the comfort of your home. Once you register you can view any event or class for up to a year. Also:

  • While RootsTech is live February 25-27, all the content will be on demand for up to a year.
  • This year RootsTech is Global. and will be available in 11 languages, with translation tools if you happen to need a class from a teacher who doesn’t normally speak English. Classes will cover family history research in many countries.
  • The classes will only be about 20 minutes long, and you can return and view them again if you need to. This gives you time to take notes and to implement anything you have learned before learning something new.
  • There will be hundreds classes covering everything from Beginning Family History, to adding Memories on FamilySearch, to understand DNA.
  • There will be classes for youth and teens.
  • There will be chat/video sessions available.
  • Vendors you can access include, Ancestry, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, DNA, and more
  • Once registered you will be able to view [on your familytree mobile app] a tool similar to Relatives Around me called “Find Relatives at RootsTech” that will let you connect with family members that you may or may not know. You will need a FamilySearch account for this feature.

To sign up go to RootsTech.org [use the link or Google Roots Tech 2021]

You should sign up even if you aren’t available during the February dates, and your registration gives you access for a year. Once registered you will be given more information and updates as they become available.

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