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The Digital Library has been on FamilySearch for some time. If you haven’t looked at it recently, or ever, you might want to see if your family is found in the family books located there.

This site has been updated and features:Family Books.jpg

  • Digital Books, many which are full-text searchable
  • Links to Affiliate Libraries, that hold Family History Books, Histories, etc.
  • Pages that have a digital page-turning feature
  • Some books have pages that can be downloaded, and/or printed.
  • Tools that allow you to adjust images and let you increase font size and contrast.
  • Family  Books – search for your surname
  • Historical books  – search for the area your family lived. For example -‘The Atlas of Otsego County New York’ contains surveys and maps with families identified on their property. I found where my family lived in proximity to other related families.
  • County and local histories, gazetteers, and medieval and royal pedigrees

If you don’t have a FamilySearch account, which is free, you will need to get one  [familysearch.org]. Sign-ins and start searching. The Digital Library is found on the FamilySearch home page by clicking on the ‘Search Tab’, and choosing ‘Books’, or you can type in  familysearch.org/library/books, on your browser

Some books are restricted by authors who will only allow one person access to the book, and if someone else is reading it you will have to wait until they close the book. Some books need to be read-only from a Family Search Center., however, most of the books I have located are available to the public, and many have been full-text searchable. Happy Searching!

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